Enhancing Kuwait’s education system constitutes a key component of the country’s long-term development strategy, known as Kuwait Vision 2035. This plan envisages a range of capital and human investments with a view to diversifying the economy and transforming Kuwait into a regional commercial center by 2035. To this end, reforming education has become a priority.

Authorities are looking to reform the standard curriculum and system to produce a highly educated and innovative workforce, with a view to assisting Kuwait’s transition to becoming a knowledge-based economy.

Kuwait authorities, in view of a long term ambitious plan, are on the course to implement educational upgradation, implying huge investments and big spending budgets.

One of the first steps in implementing the new strategy is setting up two new higher education institutions: Sabah Al-Salem University City, and Jaber University for Applied Sciences (JUAS). The US$5.8 billion Sabah Al-Salem University City is one of the top 10 education projects in the Arab Gulf States.

In an effort to develop the country as a knowledge economy, Kuwait plans to establish a US$48.5 million nanotechnology center.