• Benefit from our diverse range of multi-channel marketing promotion, which is tailor-made to target the specific and relevant visitors of EDUTEK, attracting potential students, parents, teachers, academia, working professionals, Government Officials and HR managers.
  • A comprehensive visitor promotion to key decision makers from government authorities, major private and public companies across all sectors such as oil & gas, finance & banking, travel, media, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, aviation offering scholarships.
  • Work in close liaison with schools, colleges, educational providers to ensure students’ awareness of the exhibition.
  • Coordinated visits of public and private schools.
Advertisements in local newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines, industry publications and prominent online industry websites.
A strategic and extensive PR campaign implemented to raise awareness about the event, the sponsors and exhibitors. Press conferences and regular press releases from the start to the end of the event.
Radio and live onsite TV coverage before and during the event.
VIP and personal invitations sent to industry professionals, decision makers and a variety of target audiences, to attend the Exhibition.
Email broadcast sent to our complete database, informing them about the event. Fax and SMS campaigns to prime visitors prior to the event.
A dedicated team of telemarketers with industry specific knowledge, will personally invite and remind key invitees to ensure their attendance at the exhibition.
Adverts on billboards and mupies at significant locations. Posters and flyers distributed in the capital region.
Connecting and engaging with our followers, keeping them updated throughout the year via our LinkedIn Group, Twitter Profile and Facebook Page.