Muscat Expo LLC offers a wide range of services to facilitate and ensure maximum benefit to our patrons. We look into every minute detail and leave nothing to chance.

"One Stop to cater to your wide-ranging requisites."

Advertising, Marketing & PR Activities

Media and Press Campaigns
Advertise in local newspapers, magazines and radio stations to promote your products & services
Effective outdoor advertising
Flyer distribution, billboards, signage, fleet commercials.
SMS Marketing
Instant mass awareness, directly to the end consumer’s mobile.
Branding / Communication
Tailor-made advertising, marketing and PR solutions to suit a client’s requirement and budget
Print and Production
Designing and superior quality printing of newsletters, brochures, flyers, roll-up banners, pop-ups, posters, stationeries, stage backdrops and other types of marketing collaterals and publicity materials.
Direct Email Marketing
Our databases includes VIPs, CEOs, Board Members, affluent individuals and senior industry professionals and is regularly updated through a series of structuring steps by our telesales team focusing on different sectors.

Travel & Logistics

Top Airlines And Travel Agencies:
Providing you the most competitive rates for all your flight reservations.
Meet & Greet Services, Car Rentals, Limousine Services and Tours, Bus Coaches, Private Driver with Car.
Hotel Accommodation
Various hotel options are available based on your requirement and budget.
For dealing with all custom clearance issues, couriers and freight services

“Last-Minute Services: Urgent changes and surprises are part and parcel of events. At Muscat Expo, we are well equipped to handle any last-minute requirements”